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Gingerbread House Competition & Exhibit

We welcome you to compete in our 3rd Annual Gingerbread House Competition! 

Showcase your creative skills with a festive gingerbread house.

Throughout the Christmas season thousands of visitors will view your elegantly displayed masterpieces in two magnificent buildings. 

Proceeds from this exhibit support the restoration work at our Mustard Seed Hill facility. 


All houses will be on display in the historic Allen House and McIntyre Hall from 
Saturday, Nov 26th through Thursday, December 23rd.

To Participate, Register Online by November 14th


Adult (18+)        1st Place - $1,000 / 2nd Place - $500 / 3rd Place - $250

Teen (13-17)       1st Place - $250 / 2nd Place - $100 / 3rd Place $50
Youth (6-12)       1st Place - $250 / 2nd Place - $100 / 3rd Place $50


Pastry Chef(s)       1st Place - $2,000 / 2nd Place - $1,000 / 3rd Place - $500

Family                   1st Place - $500  /  2nd Place -  $250  /  3rd Place - $100

Civic/Religious/ Business

                             1st Place - $1,000 / 2nd Place - $500 / 3rd Place - $100


Below are rules and guidelines for this year’s competition.


Participants are responsible for transporting their Gingerbread Houses

to Mustard Seed Hill once complete. 

(We will come out to your car and lend a hand once you arrive.)

Friday, Nov. 19th – 10AM - 4PM
Saturday, Nov. 20th – Noon - 4PM
Sunday, Nov. 21st – 2PM - 5PM

Monday, November 22nd - Noon - 5PM

Judges from the local community will evaluate entries based on the following criteria:

  • Overall Appearance

  • Originality & Creativity

  • Neatness

  • Structure stability built with only edible materials



Houses will be displayed with a front viewing. We will display with side vantage points and rear views as well. 


Rules for Gingerbread House Construction

Include 3”x 5” card with the entry including:
Entry Name, Entrant’s Name, Entrant’s Phone Number or Email Address

Dimensions & Structure

  • Must be constructed with 100% edible ingredients - except for the base

  • Purchased components may not include inedible pieces such as sticks and wrappers.

  • The entry should be composed with a significant majority of gingerbread!

  • Structure should be built on a sturdy base!

  • Base should not exceed 24”wide x 24“deep and 24” tall or weigh greater than 50lbs

  • Construct the house on a sturdy base - ½” or ¾” plywood or foam core recommended

  • The base may be covered in non-edible items such as paint, paper, ribbon or fabric, but should not be included in the gingerbread structure.

  • Feet or risers under the base are encouraged, for ease of moving.

  • Use only non-perishable adhesives! - We cannot accept structures made with egg or butter icings as they quickly turn rancid and soften causing the structure to disintegrate.

  • The houses are on display for an extended period of time. The weight and duration of viewing can cause the display to collapse if not properly supported.

  • No battery or electric components should be included in the structure.

  • If the structure allows visibility inside which may be difficult to see, please contact us and proper internal lighting will be arranged.



  • If baking gingerbread from scratch, bake several days before assembling to prevent shrinkage.

  • Use A LOT of Royal Icing to assemble and decorate. Allow each portion to dry and harden before moving.

  • Youth and Teen categories, parent or guardian assistance or supervision is allowed and encouraged, specifically when operating stovetops, ovens, and other heating elements.


Royal Icing Recipe

Yields 2.5 Cups


1 lb. powdered sugar

1/2 tsp. cream of tartar

3 tbsp meringue powder



  1. Mix together the above ingredients.

  2. Add 3.5 oz water – just under 1/2 cup

  3. Beat until icing forms stiff peaks – will hold a sharp line when knife drawn through

  4. Keep covered with a damp cloth to keep icing from drying out.

  5. Store unused icing in a tightly sealed container.

Entry Form

For the Display Signage

Category - Choose One!

Individual Categories
Group Categories

Thanks for submitting! Just contact us with any questions.